We believe there is a better way to design.
And we believe it starts with strategy.

The main services we provide are:


Bring your brand to life with clarity, purpose and vision. We will explore the deeper meaning behind your business, empowering you to develop a deeper understanding and connection with your audience.
Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Rebranding, Brand Style Guides, Typography and Color Palettes, Business stationery, Packaging, Consulting

Web Design

Hopemade’s approach to web design is to focus on strategy first. We use real data and research to make design decisions to help your business grow, boost conversions and to achieve maximum results. (And of course they are responsive and SEO friendly.)

Strategic Web Design & Development, WordPress Specialized, E-commerce, Growth Driven Design, Support & Maintenance, Consulting

User Experience

Is your site clear and easy to use? Are you following best practices for flow? Align your business goals with your audience’s goals. Through User Experience Research, we gather data on how your users use your website and how happy they are with that process. 

Design Reviews, Observational Data Analysis, User Flows, Usability Testing, User Interviews, User Experience Research, UX Audits


We will work 1:1 together, as a team, to maximize your business success through strategy, systems and tools, and ensuring a cohesive user experience from your brand to your site.

Brand Strategy, Brand Voice, Communication & Brand Portrayal, Visual Storytelling, User Experience Design for Small Businesses

Hopemade is a 360 approach.

All of our services are holistic. They include my team’s strategy, expertise and abilities – not just for one aspect of your project but for ALL aspects of ALL projects. The value of this experience goes far beyond a “simple logo” or “just a website.” You will have a strategic partner on your team, that is fully invested in your business and gets it.

I am an expert in Branding, User Experience Design, Web Design and Creative Strategy with proven results. And together, we can get your business where you want it to be. 

It is IMPERATIVE that you fill out an application form TODAY if you want to work with us in January 2019. We take on only a few projects at any time so we can devote all of our attention to it, so please don’t be lastminute.com.

The clients that plan out their projects well in advance get much better results than those are trying to squeeze everything in at the last minute or make decisions on a whim.

I'm ready to get this started!


I'm blown away. I had no idea so much thoughtful work went into designing a website.

I had the pleasure of listening to Aein’s fabulous presentation on website design last week. I was blown away. I had absolutely no idea so much thoughtful work went into designing a website. I am thrilled I was able to hear that presentation not only to gain a better understanding of what the process looks like, but also to know that an expert is available to help us.
Kaitlin Reid
Health Educator & Registered Dietitian

Get Hopemade. Get Results.

Your business is too important to be squeezed into a one-sized-fits-all package.

Your customers pick you for your unique style and story, and your business deserves the same. 

At Hopemade, we provide more than just a website or a logo–through data, research, and your story, we develop remarkable strategic solutions that enchant your audience and take your business to the next level.

Through strategic design, we can help you take your influence to set you apart from the competition and make your brand unforgettable.

We make it not just look good–we make it meaningful, and we get results.

Your customers deserve an amazing experience.

And so do you.

We help take the guesswork out of what your clients need, and propel your business forward easy and straightforward.

Imagine a stress-free, streamlined process, taking you from phase 1 to launch, so you can spend less time wondering what to do next, and more time doing what you love.

Imagine creating more impact, genuinely connecting with your customers and providing unforgettable experiences that make them choose you again and again.

Meet the conversion goal-driven design influenced by your story, that’s going to not only get your business noticed, but remembered and chosen over the competition again and again.

Strategic design elevates your business.

Strategic design is an investment that propels your business forward, transforming your brand recognition by first understanding your target market, and building trust through a beautifully crafted experience.

As part of our strategy, we look at data. To us, data is more than just numbers. It’s beyond just algorithms. We believe data is, in essence, what it means to be human. It is an expression of our wants, needs, questions and aspirations.

Data reveals intention. It tells a story. And we interpret that intent, and use it as the center of every interconnected experience we design.

When your branding, website and user experience are all seamless, you transform potential clients into loyal customers.

And you didn’t even need to spend time to convince them.

With the right presence, your brand and website will work for you instead of against you, so you can spend more time on other things–like just living life–while your profits just keep rising.


Working with Aein is wonderful and stress-free.

Aein launched a comprehensive project to research and develop a website using evidence-based structure, content and design ideas. Working with Aein is wonderful and stress-free. Everything ran smoothly, and any adjustments in scheduling or deadlines were professional and 'no-drama!'
Rena Orenstein, MPH
Assistant Director, UCLA SHEP


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