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New York City Logo Design - Magic Industrie Vending at an Artist Event

Magic Industrie’s Founder Ryan Hansen in New York City, New York, creates fun and functional designs, featuring handmade magical wallets and jewelry from books. Ryan came to Hopemade for Branding and Logo Design, as well as Graphic Design collateral like business cards.

Ryan has been a collector and recycling enthusiast ever since he can remember. One day looking over at 50s encyclopedias that he rescued from the trash, he suddenly felt an urge to wear them in some fashion and that’s when the “magic” began.

With their timeless designs, perfectly worn in hues, the magic wallet was the perfect fit. It’s interactive, practical and breathes a new fresh life to these otherwise forgotten relics.

Magic Industrie’s vintage magic wallets are all unique and one of a kind and make gifts because of the conversations they spark.

As said by Ryan, “I love being able to rescue beautiful books and transform them into unique fashion pieces that bring smiles and laughter to my friends and customers.”


Aein knew what my business needed to succeed.

From the moment we began talking over ideas to the end of the process, Aein was exceptional at paying close attention to what I wanted and what my business needed to succeed. She has been there for me every time I needed her to answer a question and help me manage my site and business long after she designed my brand. I would highly recommend Aein to anybody looking for a successful and satisfying design experience.
Ryan Hansen
Creative Entrepreneur

Magic Industrie Logo by Hopemade

Magic Industrie Graphic Design Packaging by Hopemade


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